The EU IPA project: „Contribution to enhancing the social inclusion of persons with mental disability and mental health disorders, currently placed in residential care institution „Otthon” in Stara Moravica” (acronime: Open Arms StM – Otvoreni zagrljaj StM) is a part of the actual preocesses in Serbia which aim the improvement of the position of people with mental health disorders and supports their integration into the local community through deinstutionalization and prevention of institutionalization.

Until September 2015. the next activities are realized:

  • 20 people are educated to provide service for „supported housing”
  • The process of preparing the users for deinstitutionalization is implemented.
  • Two new houses were built and an existing building was implemented, they are furnished in accordance with their new function, and in September 2015, 14 users moved to them.
  • Through several study tours ideas for launching social entrepreneurship int he project were defined, which start sin the autumn of 2015.
  • After researching the situation and needs int he municipality of Backa Topola, a Center for Prevention of institutionalization was started, and activities with 20 users are held 1-2 times per month int he form of joint workshops, and support to families of the users is provided in the field.

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